Is There Life After Covid?

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After a year of no or hardly any gigs, parties, haircuts, massages, travels or social gatherings, we are fully vaccinated and ready to return to the world!

Watermelon Wine has started playing again here in Sarasota and have done three gigs so far with the new band. As most of you know, Bill Scott moved back to Maine last year. It’s been tough to move on, but we finally found a great new bass player, Paul Vaterlaus, and Covid gave us a chance to practice up and we’re back to gigging. We’ll be at JR’s Packinghouse on April 30th from 7 to 10.

We’ll be heading back to Ann Arbor probably in late May and Heart Cruise hope to hit the ground running, though the virus spike up there is troubling. I’m sure we’ll play the Westside Farmer’s market once a month, but beyond that, stay tuned.

We’re delighted to say that our health is good and our spirits are high. We’ve loved Zooming with many of you through this weird last year and hope to continue meeting with our out-of-town friends and family as we have truly enjoyed it. And we hope to see you locals in person and often! Keep in touch!

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